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Mohammad Jahangir Farazy

Vice Chairman
National Exchange Company S.R.L

There are more than a handful of money transfer services available today in the market and all of them have their respective claims to fame. The fact of the matter is that these companies and service providers can be absolutely fantastic and absolutely ineffective at the same time, depending on where you want to send and how fast you want the transfer to be done. One must remember that there is, and will be, a discrepancy between what is advertised and what can actually be offered. For example, even if a company advertises a transfer time of 10 minutes, the conditions prevailing at the place, where you want your money delivered may not necessarily be conducive. So it's best you read up before you go with any particular service.

"You get the Real exchange rate"

Banks invent their own exchange to hide their costs from you. We are not. National Exchange Company gives you the real exchange rate, also known as the mid market rate.

When deciding the best way to transfer your money abroad, it's important that you consider how much money needs to be transferred and how quickly the transaction needs to go through. In most cases, banks and money transfer operators earn big bucks on transaction fees - money that you could be saving by using a dedicated foreign exchange broker instead - but each option needs to be weighed according to your needs.

Why you choose National exchange Company?

1. It's safe and secure

2. Reliably fast

3. 90% of transfers are processed in 1 day. And we’re shaving off the minutes constantly.

4. We are located in over 90 countries and territories worldwide. You will find us close by to help you send money quickly and easily.

5. You can quickly pick up cash at a nearby agent location, or receive money in your bank account or, depending on location, in your mobile wallet.

National Exchange Company is a large, globally present, money transfer service provider that stands out for its ability to not just reach out to remote locations but also to be able to offer the widest possible range of door to door service; 600 branches all over Italy, Spain, Portugal & Greece. Through our correspondents we have our presence over more than 90 countries at present, spread across all five continents. Safe, Secure and fast.

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