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Dr. Anower Farazy

Managing Director
National Exchange Company S.R.L.

As we offer some of the most competitive exchange rates in the market, along with low currency margins, you can rest assured that your international payments with National Exchange Company will not only be cost. Our exchange rates are extremely competitive and we endeavor to offer the most up to date rates; we operate with a low margin so that you can benefit from a great rate and are able to reduce the costs of your foreign exchange requirements.

We trade in approximately more than 600 branches all over Italy, 500 agents, Spain, Portugal & Greece. Through our correspondents we have our presence over more than 90 countries at present and territories worldwide and offer live, and highly competitive exchange rates across our currency range.

We can advise and help you manage exchange rate fluctuations, as well as offering you advice on risk management, so you will be able to make informed and cost-effective trades.

When you open an account with National Exchange Company, you can wire any amount of money with a very low minimum limit, without being subject to annual limits as to how much you can transfer. Whether it's over the phone or online, you will benefit from a range of services designed to make payments quick and easy.

Our aim is to make money transfers as easy, quick and convenient as possible, so you will have the option of transferring your money either over the phone or online. What's more you will have the assurance that both your information and transfer details are safe with us, as we use the latest online security protocols and high-level encryption for all sensitive data.

Registering for an online account is quick and easy as your account can be approved and ready to transfer money within minutes and any money transfers you make this way will be subject to the latest online security protocols to keep your sensitive information secure and encrypted.

How does the remitter transfer money?

How does the remitter fund the transfer?

How does the beneficiary receive the funds?

The remitter walks into any location of the National Exchange Company, presents your identity proof, pays for the transfer and provides complete details of the beneficiary.

You receives a special pin-number or code.

The remitter communicates this pin/code to the beneficiary.

The beneficiary visits a branch of the National Exchange Company convenient to you.

The beneficiary presents a valid identity proof and the pin/code and receives the money.

An SMS notifications to the sender on completion of the process adds a level of security/authentication to the entire process.

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